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Kiwi Homeowners looking for love can now swap house keys!

A revolutionary platform that empowers Kiwis to swap, not sell, to find their dream home has launched today, offering a new opportunity for New Zealanders to save thousands of dollars on their most significant life purchase.

Hermitty is the only web-based platform that assists New Zealanders in switching homes with other like minded homeowners. For a fraction of the cost of the traditional sale process, clients can now register their home for free on the Hermitty website and take control of the marketing process.

Much like a dating app, homeowners will have the ability to search through and show interest in other homes simply by ‘liking’ them. Once the homes have been mutually ‘liked’ by the homeowners, a one-off fee of $98 plus gst is paid in order to start a conversation. The fee allows the visitor to message as many other homeowners as they like, and market their own home – who knows their own home better than the owner?

This represents a massive saving. The commission fee on a home valued at the national median house price of $550,000 is between $17,000 and $25,000.

Hermitty was co-founded by Chris Mackenzie and Nic Foote. “Having previously switched my own home when it was up for sale, I found it was the easiest sale and purchase of a home I had ever done. Nic and I both realised that this happens a lot and that there are a multitude of reasons where it makes sense for New Zealanders to switch homes. This could include a shift in region, wanting to secure more desirable school zones or a change in circumstances that necessitates a downsize or upsize,” says Mackenzie.

“We wanted to create a community that would facilitate bringing New Zealanders who are looking for a new home together, with a focus on switching not selling. Our platform empowers the home owner to change house easily, saving stress and expense in the process,” says Foote.

Editor Notes:
Any due diligence and property sale agreements are transacted off the Hermitty site, between the homeowners and their conveyance teams.

Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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