Buying and selling houses the traditional way costs you time, stress and money.

Hermitty is the platform that lets you swap with other like minded Kiwi homeowners for a fraction of the cost of the traditional house sale process.

Deal direct with genuine Kiwi home owners just like you, happy to be saving and swapping - not spending thousands to sell their homes.

It's free to register and view and you'll only pay $98 to swap.

Once you've found a match and agreed to swap you're free to manage the conveyancing process using your own provider or you can use Hermitty's conveyancing partners and finance partners it's over to you. Either way, with Hermitty it's free to register and all you pay is $98 to chat, swap and save.

The money you save can go toward an upgrade, renovations on the home you select or anything you like. It might even give you more flexibility to negotiate with the house you want to swap with. Over to you!

The folks at Hermitty want to give Kiwi homeowners just like you the option to swap and enjoy the freedom and financial benefits.