Found the perfect match?

Get the right advice and legal support to close the deal.

Congratulations, you’ve found your dream home and you’re ready to swap. Your next step is to engage a lawyer to help you convey your property.

The process of buying and selling land is called conveyancing. Many law firms provide conveyancing services and you are encouraged to use your existing lawyer for the conveyancing of the sale and purchase of your property.

More than likely, your lawyer (once engaged) will ask you to sign a set of documents to confirm that you wish to engage with them and that you agree to a fee, and a set of terms of engagement. Hermitty has no control over the engagement between you and your lawyer and takes no responsibility for whom you select or how the transaction proceeds beyond your interaction with the other party via the website.

Once engaged, the lawyer will ask you to sign an authority and instruction form as well as any other documents necessary to complete the conveyancing and other aspects of the sale and purchase. Such other documents may include loan agreements, deeds of guarantee, mortgage instruments or applications for finance and kiwisaver. You will also need to arrange insurance.

Your lawyer will then have all that he/she needs to complete the purchase (apart from funds of course) and will handle the transfer of funds and the property between you and the other party. A good firm will even ensure that the rates are up to date and any AP or DD arrangements are stopped on the house you’re selling. All you should need to think about is moving house!

Aside from conveyancing there may be other services or advice you need from your lawyer around issues such as borrowing money, tidying up existing debt, accessing Kiwisaver or assistance from family and friends.

Our trusted Lawyers

If you do not have a lawyer, we suggest that you engage iCLAW. This firm helped us build the Hermitty product and so they know how this all works. If iCLAW cannot assist (because they are working for the other party or for any other reason), they will direct you to firm that will.

Visit the iCLAW website

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